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Digital Matboard Specifier


Crescent is the color leader and a forerunner in high-quality, innovative matboard product. To help you browse our numerous collections and the world of colors we have collected to meet your framing needs, we have created a digital matboard specifier. Select the collection you wish to view and digital color correct swatches for that line.

Rag Mat logo

For centuries, cotton rag paper, prized for strength, purity and stability, has been the choice of artists, composers, writers and printers. Today it is specified for currency, stock certificates and government documents.Cotton rag matboard was designed specifically for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in the late 1920s.

Today, virtually all museums and libraries rely on cotton rag matboard, often referred to as museum board.Crescent's entire line of cotton RagMat, the industry's most trusted brand of cotton rag matboard, is still produced following the time-honored practice of making paper from cotton fiber. It's a Crescent tradition that continues to stand the test of time.

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Select logo

The fastest growing conservation quality alpha-cellulose line in the industry, Crescent Select offers you over 425 colors and patterns from the Crescent Select, UltiBlack,
Accents and BriteCores product ranges.In addition to its vibrant, versatile color range, Crescent Select is completely safe for your customers’ art. All Crescent Select products are acid-free, lignin-free and meet all requirements for conservation matting.

Crescent Select is Safe for Artwork:

Conservation quality surface papers offer optimum fade and bleed resistance.

Produced using only 100% virgin alpha- cellulose fibers for lasting quality.

Acid-free and lignin-free for maximum artwork protection.

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decorative mat logo

Crescent Decorative Matboard, with a light cream core, provides an unrivaled range of colors and textures, affording additional protection for traditional, non-conservation framing.

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