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For over 100 years, Crescent has served the art and framing communities, establishing a reputation for quality art, illustration and mounting boards that is unequaled. Whether your customer is a professional artist or a novice; working on a school project or corporate presentation; mounting an open reproduction or a priceless original, Crescent has a collection of products suited to meet their needs.
This section highlights Crescent's extensive range of products designed for the creation, presentation, and display of artwork.

Illustration BoardFor all illustration media and techniques. Feature high quality surface papers mounted to a rigid gray core. Ideal for professionals as well as students. Cold press boards have textured surfaces and hot press boards a smooth surface.

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Marker BoardProfessional quality boards for marker are a rigid alternative to marker layout paper. Marker ink won't feather and the color remains brilliant on this acid-free surface. The smooth hot press surface is now a brighter white on a whiter core.

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Marker BoardMixed media boards are a more durable solution to paper and provide the same surface qualities. High quality textured surface papers are mounted to a rigid white core. Boards are buffered to an alkaline pH to slow the aging process. The cold press surface is a soft but gritty tooth surface that holds dry pigments.

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Illustration BoardExperience the convenience of an extra-thick watercolor surface that eliminates the need for stretching and mounting of watercolor paper. Watercolor boards are available in hot and cold press. Canvas boards have the same texture as real canvas, but on a durable surface.

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Illustration BoardHeavy duty poster boards feature stiff cores for extra strength. High quality surfaces with whiter cores. Surface is bleed and fade resistant and accepts all sign painting media and vinyl lettering.

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