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Crescent Museum RagMat®
Premium Museum RagMat boards provide optimum archival protection for fine works of art on paper. Recommended for valuable original works of art, rare and antique documents and items of historical importance.

RagMat® Museum Intaglio

RagMat® Museum Intaglio
100% Cotton, acid-free, lignin-free, solid color throughout. Size 32x40.
9111210 Soft White Sponge
9111215 Soft White Stucco
9111410 Almond Sponge
9111415 Almond Stucco
9111510 Black Sponge
9225305 White Museum Acanthus

9225328 White MuseumFoliage
9225905 Antique White Museum Acanthus
9225910 Antique White Sponge
9225915 Antique White Stucco
9225928 Antique White Museum Foliage