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Crescent RagMat®
100% Cotton core and backing paper, acid-free and lignin-free. Crescent RagMat offers a high level of conservation protection. Recommended for fine art prints, limited edition prints, valuable documents, photographs and heirloom needle art.

Ragmat® Noir

RagMat® Noir
Solid black 100% cotton core and backing paper. Acid free and lignin-free. Size 32x40.

61553 Bar Harbor Gray
61571 Palm Beach White
61574 Dawn Gray
61603 Spice Ivory

61610 White
61631 Sage
61662 Espresso
61668 River Rock
61684 Optic White
61689 Sandstorm
61690 Olive Bronze
61704 Ashen
61709 Light Umbria
61712 Old Sage
621574 Dawn Gray (8 ply)
621610 White (8 ply)